Design a Curriculum

Duration: 5 days

Aligned to:

Aligned to SAQA Unit Standards: 123401 (Level 6 Credits 15)

Program Overview:

This program will be useful to any educators responsible for planning and designing education, training and development programs at learning sites. The training is experiential, practical and relevant to daily learning program design and delivery. The focus is on designing learning programs to standards based rather than slavishly following a text book delivery style. Creative tools and templates are provided to assist in curriculum design and delivery.

Program Objectives:

By the end of this program, you will gain an understanding of the following:

  • Preparing learning programs including selecting and ordering content.
  • Designing the learning programs content and taking into context.
  • Developing the learning program content in alignment with accepted standards.
  • Integrating assessment practices and evaluating the learning programs.
  • Reflecting on the effectiveness of the program and the quality of its impact on learners.


  • The training and development sessions will be done through practical workshops.
  • Learners will receive a Learner Pack, Portfolio, CD with exemplars and videos.
  • Continuing email and telephonic support is provided at no additional cost. On-site classroom visits will also be conducted.
  • All training will be conducted in English by our trained facilitators who have a proficiency in the language and the subject matter.


  • The 5-day training will lead to the completion of a portfolio for assessment and submitted for international accreditation by the ETDP SETA.