Diversity Management for Learning Sites

Duration: 2 days

Program Overview:

Because of the increasing shift to a highly diverse workforce in our country, schools know that they must help learners understand, accept and capitalise on differences among people. This course will enable teachers to respond to diversity issues in the classroom with openness and trust. Moreover it helps teachers to appreciate that diversity management is about more than legal or ethical compliance – it is about good human sense. The course is aimed at all employees within the school including middle and senior managers.

Program Objectives:

By the end of this program, you will gain an understanding of the following:

  • The need for policy – Helpful hints
  • Analysing Racial Incidents. Handling a racial / political incidents
  • Recognising bias in learning materials
  • Learning to resist stereotyping and discriminatory behaviour
  • How racism affects you and why you are challenging it
  • Distinguishing between the person and the behaviour
  • Talking about similarities as well as differences
  • Guidelines for Dealing with Children’s Discriminatory Exclusion Behaviours
  • Learning to recognize and criticize stereotyping
  • Learning to Problem Solve Discriminatory Behaviour
  • Practical examples to act on racist behaviour in schools: Analysing Scenarios


  • The training and development sessions will be done through practical workshops.
  • Learners will receive a Learner Pack and CD with exemplars and videos.
  • Continuing email and telephonic support is provided at no additional cost. On-site visits will also be conducted.
  • All training will be conducted in English by our trained facilitators who have a proficiency in the language and the subject matter.


  • Evaluating applied experiential activities during the course and on-site action-learning activities documented to demonstrate competence in relation to the skills taught. A certificate of attendance recognised by the South African Council for Educators (SACE) with 16 notional hours workshop time and 20 hours on-site application.