Duration: 5 days

Aligned to:

Aligned to SAQA Unit Standards 117871 (Level 5 Credits 10)

Program Overview:

Leads to up-skilling and even re-skilling in facilitation skills to narrow the gap between policy and practice and assist educators in designing and developing creative active learning lessons to engage learners and enable them to generate the evidence for assessment. Teachers will be provided with a variety of methodologies for meaningful teaching.

Program Objectives:

By the end of this program, you will gain an understanding of the following:

  • Prepare the learners and the learning environment for effective learning using a variety of creative methodologies.
  • Create teaching and learning strategies to encourage dialogue between in the classroom by sensitising learners to different viewpoints and its impact on learning.
  • Clarify the goals of the learning activity and its alignment to methodology.
  • Implement learning activities by applying learning strategies for both group and individual work to the learning contexts; encouraging action-based open, interactive and participatory approaches within the learning situation; monitoring learner progress and making necessary interventions; managing the learning event productively; and creating the opportunities for learners to apply new knowledge.
  • Providing skills on encouraging the learners to provide feedback.
  • Evaluate the learning process by reflecting on the learning process to determine the extent to which it has achieved the outcomes and taking remedial action when necessary to re-design programs.
  • Maintain an effective and efficient administrative system


  • The training and development sessions will be done through practical workshops.
  • Learners will receive a Learner Pack, Portfolio, CD with exemplars and videos.
  • Continuing email and telephonic support is provided at no additional cost. On-site classroom visits will also be conducted.
  • All training will be conducted in English by our trained facilitators who have a proficiency in the language and the subject matter.


  • The 5-day training will lead to the completion of a portfolio for assessment and submitted for international accreditation by the ETDP SETA.